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It's the art and
science of place.

element is a multidisciplinary team offering statutory and strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, heritage services, urban design, property economics, place making, public art management and cultural consulting.

We have shaped Western Australia for over 30 years, navigating and bringing complex projects to life by seamlessly blending creative and technical knowhow.

It's the art and science of place.


We understand each project requires
technical and creative thinking.

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We understand the big picture and combine this with unrivalled expertise, industry networks and knowledge of regulatory frameworks to add value
to land.

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Blending strategy, creativity and commercial reality to create new must see, must be places, we reimagine underperforming spaces, transforming them into much loved, prosperous destinations.

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We deliver industry leading strategies that are integrated with project goals by delivering authentic dialogue in even the most challenging community and stakeholder environments.

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Urban Design

We provide end to end strategies and solutions through urban design, master planning, place branding and interpretive design, showcased through graphic outputs that enhance each place's story of change.

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We identify future potential by discovering the history, meaning and cultural values of places, ensuring conservation and design adds richness and a sense of place.

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Arts & Culture

Our team works with cities, towns, developers and architects to enhance communities through access to arts, creativity, and culture.

Property Economics

We deliver integrated planning and economics solutions. We perform primary and secondary research, data-driven analysis and econometric modelling. Our research and recommendations assists our clients to make informed business decisions.


We blend creativity and certainty to realise vision and deliver legacy.

We are Western Australia’s largest planning and urban advisory firm. We blend creativity and certainty to realise vision and deliver legacy. Creating places that connect with people needs imagination and technical thinking in equal measure. It's both art and science, and element is here to bring it all together.

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Sabina Applecross by Finbar

“I was struck with element’s ability to work collaboratively across the complex set of stakeholders, including owners and occupants of the Town Centre, community, Local Government, State Government, myself and other relevant consultants.”   

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend element. You are without doubt the best consultants we have ever worked with.”

“The skills, experience, professionalism and enthusiasm of you and your team was a standout during the project. We knew at our first meeting that we had made the right choice in selecting element…”

“Just see how beautiful our building is! We were so lucky that element got involved, otherwise it might have been demolished.” 


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