Good design is borne from a thorough understanding of who will use the place, what they will see and do there and how to meet their needs;  well ahead of putting pen to paper.
We have the skillsets and experience to deliver outstanding public and private realm design. Ultimately we are people and place outcome focused, socially and economically sustainable, balanced with identifying how to bring projects to their full potential.
  • Urban Design
  • Masterplans
  • Graphic design
  • Place branding
  • Artists' impressions and perspectives
  • GIS
  • 3D modelling and fly throughs

Meet Our Team

Andrew Howe

Director / Principal - Urban Design

Bronwyn Slater

Associate - Urban Design

Campbell Green

Student - Design & Planning

Graeme Wallace

Consultant - Urban Design

Taylor Goddard

Consultant - Urban Design

Tilly Chaney

Consultant - Design

Other Projects

South Perth Activity Centre Public Benefit Contribution Plan

Bayswater Station Precinct Character Study and Urban Design Guidelines

North Regional TAFE - Karratha Campus Placemaking Study