Graeme Wallace

Consultant - Urban Design

With a detail focused and creative design approach, Graeme plays a pivotal role in concepting, visualising and testing project concepts – from due diligence to delivery. With both hand sketching and digital diagramming skills, he applies these to support structure plans, large scale residential masterplanning, design guidelines, feasibility studies, detailed planning applications and urban regeneration projects.

Originally from the UK, Graeme now calls Perth home and recently completed his Masters of Urban Design through the Australian Urban Design Research Centre. He has a keen interest in exploring density in practice in inner suburban areas, particularly through projects such as the Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan.

Graeme sees managing Perth’s densification as one of the metro area’s greatest challenges, and draws reference to Accordia Housing in Cambridge, UK and Knutsford in Fremantle as two examples of contemporary medium density development, where each draws on their respective local environment and character.

Urban Renewal Strategies
  • Canberra CBD Urban Design Study
  • Cecil Ave Urban Design Study
  • Geraldton City Centre Revitalisation Strategy
  • Station Street, Cottesloe Place Activation Strategy
  • Northampton Revitalisation Strategy
Master Planning
  • Subiaco East Master Planning
  • Knutsford Precinct Master Planning
  • Zuccoli Stage 3 Master Plan
  • Ascot Kilns Landscape Master Plan
  • Subiaco Community Infrastructure Master Plan
Structure Plans
  • Forrestfield North Local Structure Plan
  • Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan
  • Ascot Kilns Landscape Masterplan
  • Zuccoli Stage 2 Masterplan
  • Subiaco Community Infrastructure Masterplan