We utilise a diverse set of resources and skills bringing together creative, commercial and technical know-how to deliver a wide range of services.

We explore opportunities, create effective outcomes and deliver legacy for future generations.


Our 30 year history has been built on knowing how to future proof the most complex and unprecedented projects.

We navigate their completion within the minefield of legislative challenges and community buy in. We understand the big picture and combine this with unrivalled expertise and knowledge of regulatory frameworks to deliver results.


How people intuitively approach and respond to places is at the forefront of our approach.

We live and breathe each place and apply our proprietary approach to help clients articulate their own place essence and competitive positioning. Our strategies, blueprints and roadmaps turn ordinary spaces into much loved places for locals and must see, must be destinations for visitors.

Urban Design

Good design is borne from a thorough understanding of who will use the place, what they will see and do there and how to meet their needs;  well ahead of putting pen to paper.

We have the skillsets and experience to deliver outstanding public and private realm design. Ultimately we are people and place outcome focused, socially and economically sustainable, balanced with identifying how to bring projects to their full potential.


People are ever evolving, which means places are, too.

Our specialist engagement team maintains a high performance culture in our provision  of services. We work cross sector to join people together and sustain project momentum from early concept through to decision making. We work collaboratively to unify disparate views, aligning all parties around a strong purpose and way forward, in even the most challenging environments.


Creating places that connect with people is first about discovery.

Knowing the history, meaning and cultural values of a place ensures the best conservation and design outcomes. Our team has qualifications across the disciplines of architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning, conservation, and history. Together we are placed at the forefront of heritage and conservation best practice in Australia.

We help you to develop a clear understanding of heritage values that in turn will guide the management of change, including conservation, adaptive reuse and balancing the old with the new.

Arts & Culture

At element, we believe in the value of arts and culture in creating cohesive communities and places.

We offer a bespoke range of Arts and Culture services, delivering intentional projects which reflect local values, increase access to the arts and support cultural sector development.

Our team works with cities and towns, developers, architects and designers to create desirable destinations through art, creativity, and cultural programming. 


Complex projects require integrated planning and economics solutions. Our sought-after combination of strategy and creativity is grounded in commercial reality, delivering place solutions from early visioning through to planning, design, implementation and management.

Considering a complex range of drivers from transport to economics and infrastructure to environment and policy we advise both public and private sector clients to assure the best strategic outcome for their projects and investments.

Spatial Analytics

At element, we provide innovative spatial analytics and geospatial solutions that will enhance value and enrich our clients' experience.

We leverage the complex synergy between strategic planning, commercial intelligence, and detailed spatial analytic systems to deliver creative and insightful outcomes for our clients, in harmony with community needs and expectations.