Spatial Analytics

element's Spatial Analytics team works in conjunction with our other skilled disciplines, offering refined insights to enhance value and enrich our clients' experiences.

Comprehensive projects necessitate integrated solutions, and our coveted blend of technical proficiency, strategy, and creativity is rooted in a data-driven approach. We recognise the immense potential in connecting the right individuals with the right data to validate assumptions and guide decision-making.

Our clients benefit from our meticulous incorporation of fact-based spatial insights throughout the entire process, from initial vision to planning, design, implementation, and management.

We believe that our clients' understanding of context and data is vital for a successful project.

Our goal is to provide innovative spatial analytics and geospatial solutions without the jargon or complexity often associated with this field of practice. Place-specific data should clearly inform results, and element is here to eliminate distractions and keep clients and stakeholders informed.

Our spatial analytics capability at element supports the broader team and our clients through:
  • WebApp and dashboard development
  • Site analysis/selection and territory planning
  • Multi criteria evaluations
  • Remote data collection
  • Digital strategy development
  • Data visualisation
  • Cartography
  • Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) modelling
  • Opportunities and constraints modelling
  • Storytelling with ESRI StoryMaps
  • Human movement data and mobility analytics
  • Precinct usage patterns and comparisons
  • Smart Survey development with Survey123

Meet Our Team

James Parker

Associate - Planning & Spatial Analyst

Yasmine Mnahy

Consultant - Data, Strategy and Innovation

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