Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area

The Client
Project Team
Matt Raymond
Director / Principal - Planning
Leigh Caddy
Senior Consultant - Planning
The Project

Covering approximately 7508 hectares of land, the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area (KSIA), also known as the Kemerton Industrial Park, is located approximately 160km south of the Perth and 17km north east of Bunbury within the Shire of Harvey. It has designated role as a strategic industrial area for the South-West region.

Our Role

element prepared the Local Scheme Amendment and Structure Plan, along with the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme Amendment.


element’s work provides the framework and implementation requirements to guide the future development of the KSIA and establishment of resource processing industries.

Our work:

  • Integrated environmental design into the structure plan, including drainage management solutions for the run-off created by substantial hardstand areas, which shall occur across the site;
  • Enabled environmental protection and management arrangements to minimise environmental impacts; and
  • Recognised industry-clustering opportunities for the strategic and general industry operators within the site, to facilitate efficient distribution of products and by-products of these industries.
What We Delivered
  • Local structure plan
  • Local scheme amendment
  • Greater Bunbury region scheme amendment
  • Statutory and land use planning
  • Local structure planning
  • Detailed concept subdivision layout

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