Subi East Concept Planning Business Case

The Client
Project Team
Andrew Howe
Director / Principal - Urban Design
Cath Blake-Powell
Principal - Engagement
Bronwyn Slater
Associate - Urban Design
The Project

element has been the key urban design, planning and place consultant assisting DevelopmentWA's development of a business case for the 26ha Subi East Project throughout 2018 to present. This role has enabled us to steer a process that is driven by considering the broader picture and defining the long-term vision for the site from the outset, with stakeholders actively engaged along the way. This vision has received buy-in from key stakeholders and community and will help set the framework for more detailed master planning.

Our Role

element’s role included concept design and evolution in cooperation with the broader consultant team and engagement feedback, as well as designing the visioning process.

  • There was a perception that key stakeholders were not aligned regarding the precinct’s potential and future direction. We ran an interactive stakeholder alignment session to map opportunities, constraints and interdependencies and identify common goals and project vision. This resulted in a holistic blueprint document that reflected these outcomes and set the direction and intent for concept planning development
  • The project area is to an extent, disconnected with no consistent public realm vernacular. Character streetscapes are highly valued, but rail infrastructure and major roads make it difficult to navigate. We developed a strong understanding of the local community vernacular from a built form, public realm and streetscape perspective. We then workshopped to create visual moodboards with the client and project team across key elements including public realm, community experience and built form to create a consolidated visual snapshot for a clear brief for concept development.
  • Achieving density and infill targets in a precinct with fractured / diverse and ownership was a challenge. A creative response to land use planning was required, considering: reconfiguring traditional vehicle access to optimise context sensitive development, improve access to and from the West Leederville Train Station, introduce new land uses – residential, commercial, education, retail, recreation, etc.
What We Delivered

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