Cath Blake-Powell

Director, Principal - Engagement

Cath is element’s resident specialist and lead in all aspects of stakeholder and community engagement. She works cross sector to design and deliver thought leading strategies and programs that join people together and build project momentum – from early concept through to decision making. Her planning background means she understands first-hand how to make a project work to meet the needs of developers, government and community stakeholders. A strong and energetic facilitator, Cath works collaboratively to unify disparate views, aligning all parties around a strong purpose and way forward, in even the most challenging environments.

Cath cites her work leading the development of some of WA’s most influential regional growth plans in the Pilbara and Mid-west as a defining career moment, where the challenge was to deliver more than a straight forward town planning outcome. Her work took into account economic drivers, stakeholder alignment, project feasibility, transport, evaluation measures and prioritising major projects for funding. She recently guided the City of Perth’s most significant engagement program – Share to Shape – which has set a new vision and direction for the capital for the next ten years. Her expertise also lies in planning for intergenerational community needs, and recreation facilities.

Looking long term, some of the engagement challenges ahead include responding to changing community demographics – from boomers to millennials and evolving both on and offline techniques to mobilise each end of the spectrum.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • City of Perth Strategic Community Plan
  • City of Perth, City Planning Strategy (preliminary engagement)
  • Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan
Place Making and Urban Renewal Strategies
  • Claremont Quarter Square Place Making
  • Morawa SuperTowns Growth & Implementation Plan
  • Morawa Town Centre Revitalisation Project (Stages 1 – 2)
  • Karratha City Centre Infrastructure Project
  • Karratha Revitalisation Project (Karratha City of the North)
  • Maylands Urban Design Framework
  • South Hedland Campus Re-Imagining Project
  • Les Hansman (Morley) Community Centre Redevelopment Project
  • Leeuwin Barracks Vision Plan Charrette
  • Onslow Townsite Expansion Charrette
Community and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Programs
  • Perth Airport's Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Internal)
Urban Design, Master Planning, Structure Planning and Design Guidelines
  • Leeuwin Barracks Divestment Project
  • Ellenbrook Youth Centre Feasibility
  • Lathlain Park Management Plan
  • Ascot Kilns Local Development Plan
  • Armadale Community Hubs Master Planning for Bob Blackburn Reserve, Gwynne Park, Cross Park, Springdale Park, Rushton Park and John Dunn Reserve
  • Port Hedland Local Planning Scheme
  • Port Hedland Residential Design Guidelines
  • Armadale Community Hubs and Recreation Master Plans
  • Riseley Street Activity Centre Structure Plan