Victoria Park Residential Character Policy and Guidelines

The Client
Town of Victoria Park
Project Team
Marc Beattie
Associate - Heritage
Bronwyn Slater
Associate - Urban Design
Alison Healey
Associate - Planning
The Project

We were commissioned in 2018 to review the Town of Victoria Park’s local planning policy 25 ‘Streetscape’ (LPP 25), which covers an existing Residential Character Study Area (RCSA); an area with over 5,000 dwellings. We were tasked to provide recommendations on how best to retain the identified streetscape character through best-practice planning mechanism and tools.

We examined community awareness and aspirations with respect to the contribution of original (pre 1945) dwellings to the streetscape character and the extent and type of development controls that should continue to be applied to development within the RCSA. The review was also informed by officer insight into the day-to-day administration of LPP 25 and an appreciation of best practice planning for character retention.

Our Role

Like many older residential neighbourhoods, the Town of Victoria Park RCSA is seeing change in its streetscape character. This led to intense interest within the community on how to guide new development within an area held in high regard by many of its residents. However, without a contemporary planning framework in place, many found the system difficult to navigate with sometimes poor built form outcomes.

We took the time to look and listen to the disparate views and find the common values. We quickly realised we needed to work towards a more user-friendly, graphic driven output, and a new planning tool that aided a facilitative rather than regulative approach to decision making.

  • Stakeholder and community engagement facilitation including surveys, an officer workshop and public information summary posters

A comprehensive recommendations report including:

  • A detailed review of the planning framework and best practice tools available for use
  • An analysis, through fresh eyes, of previous attempts to remedy character protection
  • Consideration of insights, influences and contextual shifts affecting streetscape character and change over time
  • Definition of streetscape character and elements that may negatively impact upon it
  • A dynamic implementation matrix that captured the rationale behind five key recommendations
  • Reflection on potential implications of recommendations
  • Working with the Town to develop a new draft policy for the retention of character
  • A draft scheme amendment to elevate the importance of streetscape character within the RCSA
What We Delivered

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