Town of Port Hedland Public Art Strategy

Arts & Culture
The Client
Town of Port Hedland
Project Team
Kate Parker
Director / Principal - Arts & Culture
The Project

The Town of Port Hedland is often referred to as the powerhouse ofAustralia’s North West, recognised as the nexus of Western Australia’s resource-driven economy.  

In line with international trends, the Town recognises the unique value of the region’s identity and unique history as a pearling and mining town, and with links to the ancient culture of the Kariyarra, Ngarla, and Nyamal people.

This opportunity is further detailed in the Town’s recently releasedArts and Culture Strategy 2019-2022, which specifies key strategic priorities for the Town both in fostering community cohesion and engagement and attracting a wider visitor base. The Arts and Culture Strategy 2019-2022 identifies the opportunity for a Public Art Strategy, to inform the ongoing management and development of the Town’s public art collection under an aspirational vision and diversify the program in line with community feedback.  

For Port Hedland, there is an opportunity for public art to represent best practice benchmarks, and act as attractions. In order to do so, a practical and overarching vision is required, which details how the Town will resource, program and grow their public art collection and sector.  

Our Role

element worked with the Town to develop a comprehensive Public ArtStrategy, including an engagement plan and co-delivery of community and stakeholder consultation.  element understands that public art, successfully implemented and managed, can drive cultural tourism, foster community cohesion and improve the quality of public spaces.

Community input led the development of the Strategy, with locals, creatives and stakeholders invited to have a say in the Public Art Strategy survey and interactive mapping tool.  

Our approach delivered a place-specific and practical strategy which aligns with the Town’s policies and priorities. The Strategy provides a vision for a future public art program which is cohesive, engaging, innovative and authentic to Hedland.  

  • Input from over 1,200 community members, including almost 25% of those identifying as Aboriginal
  • A bespoke Social Pinpoint platform for gathering community ideas and local stories
  • Social media polls gathering over a thousand responses
What We Delivered
  • Community and stakeholder engagement plan
  • Comprehensive engagement analysis
  • Community and stakeholder engagement Report  
  • Public Art Strategy endorsed by the Town

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