Public Art Strategy and Masterplans, Policy and Guidelines

Arts & Culture
The Client
City of Stirling, City of Rockingham, City of Greater Geraldton, Town of Port Hedland
Project Team
Kate Parker
Director / Principal - Arts & Culture
Tegan Patrucco
Senior Consultant - Arts & Culture
The Project

Established in 1989, the government's Percent for Art Scheme has influenced the creation of public art policies within most central local government areas. These policies result in the commissioning of hundreds of public art projects each year, from standalone sculptural works to integrated functional pieces.

Whilst these policies are applied to developers, most local governments take a best practice approach and also integrate public art into their own infrastructure projects. Additionally, many of the policies allow for cash in lieu contributions, which supplement the local governments own annual public art budget.

The majority of the use of these funds, and the planning for public art across each local government, has been organic and dependent on the direction provided by elected members and directorial staff.

Recently, it has been recognised that public art collections can become valuable assets and tools for activation and community engagement, if delivered strategically. The resulting Public Art Strategies, Masterplans, Policies and Guidelines ensure all activities relating to public art funds are conducted strategically and in line with best practice methods.

Our Role

element have been working closely with a number of local governments on the development of strategies, masterplans, policies and guidelines which respond to each unique local area, community, and local government priorities.

We bring to the project extensive understanding of public art policy context and best practice, and work with local governments to deliver practical tools which streamline processes and ensure effective expenditure of funds.

These projects often involve community and stakeholder engagement, in the form of online and in person activities, to understand how public art can be used effectively to activate public realm and tell local stories.

element crafts a tailored approach to each engagement program, which is then facilitated and recorded in the form of an engagement summary report. This report guides the creation of final strategies and outputs.


This suite of documents provide the practical framework for administration and allocation of public art funds, and guide developer-led commissions. These documents are developed in line with the client’s overall objectives of commissioning public art - celebrating the client’s unique position
and identity, and in alignment with broader policies and priorities.

What We Delivered
  • Engagement with local community regarding public art projects, themes and visions
  • Summary of engagement findings to inform Public Art Strategies, Guidelines and Policies
  • Draft Public Art Strategy, Policy and/or Guidelines for endorsement by elected members

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