One Subiaco - Interpretation Plan and Strategy

The Client
Blackburne Property Group
Project Team
Marc Beattie
Associate - Heritage
Carmel Given
Senior Consultant - Heritage
The Project

One Subiaco is a new mixed use development precinct at Rokeby and Roberts Road, Subiaco. The design team included a signage designer, public artists, landscape architect and design architect. They required a cohesive thematic approach to telling the stories of the site. element was employed to prepare an interpretation plan for the new development that would enhance the new development’s sense of place and provokes thought about the history of the site. The site contained Subiaco’s first private residence known colloquially as ‘Jones's Folly’ and later went on to be used as a timber yard, furniture store and Subiaco Pavilion Markets. The new development is ongoing (2020).

Our Role

element developed an interpretation vision, and prepared an Interpretation Plan that provided a chronological history of the site, key themes, messages and stories and strategies to guide creative interpretation installations that will enhance the sense of place in the new building. The plan was supported by thorough historical research and provision of materials for inspiration and possible use in the new development, including historical photos, maps and plans. As best practice we used the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter (2013) and the ICOMOS Charter for the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (Ename Charter 2008) for guidance.


Our approach to workshop proposed strategies with the design team from the outset of the project helped us to define an agreed commitment to interpretation within the holistic aspiration of the project. We integrated the agreed interpretation strategies into the Interpretation Plan, which achieved a successful conversion rate of proposed strategies into the final design. The agreed strategies include landscape treatment, interpretive mural and surface treatments, public art, signage and wayfinding, nomenclature and a webpage.

What We Delivered
  • Design team workshop
  • Heritage Interpretation Plan
  • Heritage Interpretation Strategy

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