Midland Oval Place Strategy

The Client
City of Swan
Project Team
Andrew Howe
Director / Principal - Urban Design
Bronwyn Slater
Associate - Urban Design
The Project

As a place that has traditionally been both a gateway and convergence point for the Perth Metropolitan area and the regions beyond, Midland has developed a strong identity from its multicultural and diverse communities, primary industries and commercial exchange, backed by a strong ‘can do’ culture.

Our Role

Midland Oval has been identified as a redevelopment space by the City of Swan for over 40 years. However, there was a history of planning studies and engagement that had not been endorsed by Council, up until the current MasterPlan Scheme that was approved in November 2016.

The Midland Oval Place Making Strategy identified key elements required to transition Midland Oval from MasterPlan and into a much-loved local destination – bridging the gap between high level land use planning and rich place belonging and delivery.


Informed by extensive community and stakeholder engagement, our work united physical planning and design with longer term destination development drivers to ensure Midland Oval becomes a place that is attractive and well utilised by the local community and visitors. We worked collaboratively with stakeholders, the Council and community to develop a strategy able to be delivered in practical reality, whilst ensuring local aspirations were acknowledged and celebrated.

What We Delivered
  • Place vision and definition
  • Place strategy
  • Place activation strategy and planning
  • Workshop design and facilitation

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