Cygnet Cinema

The Client
Australian Property Collective (APC)
Project Team
Flavia Kiperman
Principal - Heritage
Alana Jennings
Consultant - Heritage
Sharon Hughes
Consultant - Heritage
The Project

The Cygnet Cinema is a considerably significant historical landmark that is highly valued by the community, listed by the Heritage Council of Western Australia (HCWA) as having State heritage values. The owners have been undertaking redevelopment and staged conservation works since 2017.

Our Role

We have been assisting APC since 2017 with the development of the site. The lead consultant commenced concept design. and collaboration was key throughout the process to achieve endorsement by the HCWA. Key meetings were held with the lead designer to ensure the heritage values of the place were retained and enhanced through the preparation of an outstanding development proposal.

Once the concept design was endorsed by HCWA and supported by the City of South Perth, we progressed to heritage conservation works. We delivered a comprehensive set of heritage works drawings including heritage architectural documentation, specification, technical advice and workmanship information to deliver the urgent works identified in the 2018 Conservation Works Schedule. Heritage conservation works are currently (2020) ongoing


Our Conservation Management Plan and Interpretation Plan have informed the design changes to the place. The resultant heritage and conservation outcomes accommodate both adaptive aims and conservation requirements. The project has had ongoing success due to our approach and belief in the importance of regular and ongoing collaboration and communication with all stakeholders.

What We Delivered
  • Conservation Management Plan  
  • Interpretation Plan  
  • Heritage Conservation Works Schedule
  • Design advice
  • Heritage architectural documentation and specification
  • Technical advice

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