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Cossack Townsite Precinct Scheme Amendment & Conservation Management Plan

City of Karratha | Karratha, WA


Cossack is a heritage-listed town north-east of Roebourne, Western Australia. It was established in 1863 as a working town and harbour associated with the pearling industry, given its location at the mouth of the Harding River where it meets the Indian ocean. It is a town of exceptional cultural heritage, home to a large number of standalone buildings and archaeological remains. Cossack was initially established parallel to the heritage value of the town site as there is a flooding risk posed by increasing sea levels. City of Karratha has aspirations and a vision to establish Cossack as a tourism draw-card for the region.


We prepared a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for Cossack in accordance with the State Heritage Office Guidelines to:

  • Identify, understand and articulate the heritage values of the site and its component parts,
  • Develop policies to protect and conserve the heritage values of the site and to inform the future planning of tourism focused development.

The CMP was accompanied by a Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) to assess the risk of flooding into the future and how the site could be managed and adapted to mitigate that risk as far as possible.

In parallel to the CMP, we prepared the CHRMAP in conjunction with MP Rogers & Associates to firstly identify and map the risks of storm surge inundation and coastal erosion and secondly, to identify appropriate planning adaptation responses that would support the City’s vision. They wish to allow temporary tourism and accommodation structures to be developed on the property to create a living town once again. In addition to this work we prepared a Scheme Amendment to integrate key requirements of the CMP and CHRMAP into the City’s local planning scheme, while also removing previous statutory impediments to development.


The CMP and CHRMAP have provided the City of Karratha with considered and strategic basis to consider future tourism, heritage and environmental impacts for the site. The work supported discussions with the Heritage Council and the Department of Local Government, Land and Heritage. In this regard element continues to assist the City in advising on the future management of this important site.

  • Conservation Management Plans and Strategies
  • Coastal Hazard Risk Management & Adaptation Plan
  • Heritage Advice
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