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Cockburn Central West

LANDCORP | Cockburn Central, WA


Cockburn Central West is the final piece of the Cockburn Central Town Centre. Home to the City of Cockburn’s $109 million Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre and an emerging residential and commercial community, it will ultimately be home to more than 2000 people – enhancing LandCorp’s adjoining Cockburn Central Town Centre development and providing economic growth and job opportunities for the local community.


element led the place visioning and branding for Cockburn Central West to support ongoing planning, development and investment attraction. This was supported by development of a Place Blueprint which defined the project’s purpose, user groups, vision and values to support planning, development, investment attraction and management. It was supported by Place Making strategies to bring the vision to life. This involved:

  • A workshop to align key stakeholders and the project team;
  • Establishing the project’s unique place offering for visitors, residents and workers;
  • Defining target audiences and user groups;
  • Developing place strategies for delivering on the vision across planning, development, marketing and community development for the project team; and
  • Developing a place identity, brand and hierarchy for the Cockburn Central West precinct that complements and aligns with the existing Cockburn Central Town Centre.


Our work provided LandCorp and project partners, with a clear place led roadmap to ensure Cockburn Central West delivers on its potential and becomes the area’s regional destination for contemporary living, recreation, health, community events and business.

  • Place vision and definition
  • Place strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Place brand

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