Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plans - Various

The Client
Shire of Broome, City of Karratha, City of Greater Geraldton (2017), Shire of Murray (2020-2021), Town of Cambridge (2021), City of Stirling (2021 - 2022), City of Albany (2022)
Project Team
Cath Blake-Powell
Principal - Engagement
Liz Pope
Senior Consultant - Engagement
Hayley Sellman
Consultant - Engagement
Dylan Wray
Senior Consultant - Planning and Bushfire
The Project

Due to increasing concerns about climate change and sea level rise, Western Australian State Planning Policy 2.6.

The vulnerability of assets within the Western Australian coastline to coastal hazards such as erosion and flooding is expected to increase in the future. The risk arising from coastal vulnerability of assets is influenced by the level of preparedness and response of the community and its recovery capacity.

Our Role

Partnering with coastal engineers, element has for many years provided community and stakeholder engagement and town planning services to a wide range of clients and local governments in Western Australia. We ensure the community, key user groups and stakeholders are effectively informed and engaged throughout the CHRMAP process, breaking down technical information into bite-sized pieces that are informative and easy to understand. We have developed unique CHRMAP engagement methodologies that enable community to work through what can be complex information and arrive at integrated solutions that balance environment, economics and community values. In addition, we have a comprehensive understanding of the strategic and statutory planning instruments that can be utilised to respond to coastal risks and hazards.


Through a staged community and stakeholder engagement ad communications process, we are able to collect a range of coastal values and aspiration, including priority of coastal assets.

What We Delivered

For a typical CHRMAP project, we deliver the following:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan
  • Stakeholder database
  • Aboriginal engagement
  • Pop-up information sessions
  • Community workshops
  • Coastal values survey
  • Communications collateral
  • Engagement outcomes reporting
  • Comprehensive review of existing controls
  • Recommended planning mechanisms
  • Recommended changes to the relevant planning framework
  • Implementation approach and suggested timing

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