City of Stirling Heritage List Review

The Client
City of Stirling
Project Team
Nerida Moredoundt
Expert Advisor - Heritage
Cath Blake-Powell
Principal - Engagement
The Project

element was appointed to assist the City with the review of its Heritage List. The review focused on the assessment of 79 places to ascertain whether they should be included on the City’s Heritage List, which is adopted under the Local Planning Scheme. The contract was performed over several months between October 2013 and May 2014.

Our Role

Our team undertook considerable historic research and site visits to update the existing Place Record Forms and to ensure a proper understanding of nominated places and their associated cultural heritage value. Recommendations were then made as to which places should be adopted under the Local Planning Scheme.

In addition to this we developed a consultation strategy to engage with landowners and to mitigate against any adverse publicity.

Targeted consultation, including the preparation of FAQs; facilitating two public workshops and; individual property owner meetings ensured that the key stakeholders were properly informed throughout the process.

Bespoke Feedback Forms were also prepared to ensure all feedback provided was constructive and assisted the team to understand the place and owner’s position on the listing.

What We Delivered
  • Heritage Assessments
  • Community Consultations

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