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Canning City Centre Revitalisation Plan

CITY OF CANNING | Cannington, WA


Canning City Centre is home to major retail development, goods transport connections, significant river foreshore areas and parklands, however is currently known for being car dominated with little community amenity. Realising its potential as a future transit integrated precinct and visitor destination will see the creation of new streetscapes, increased commercial and retail space (including significant expansion of Westfield Carousel) along with new living options and a vibrant public realm.


element developed a Place Activation Plan for the City of Canning that also supported and reflected the development of its draft Structure Plan, focussing on place positioning, economic development, public realm and destination definition and community-based initiatives.


The Place Activation Plan outlined a place vision and brand direction and included strategies to encourage the development of strategic partnerships and place management and governance. It sought to improve general amenity through ‘quick wins’ and tactical initiatives, as well as to attract public and private sector investment into the area.

  • Place analysis
  • Place vision and definition
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Place strategy – investment attraction, place management, activation