Canberra Urban Design Framework

The Client
City Renewal Authority
Project Team
Andrew Howe
Director / Principal - Urban Design
Bronwyn Slater
Associate - Urban Design
The Project

The City Renewal Authority (CRA) commissioned element in 2018 to review the existing urban design controls as part of the City Precinct Code. We formulated recommendations to guide better urban form outcomes in areas adjacent to the city's pedestrian malls that carry much of the human scale activity in the city centre. (Section 13, 14 and Garema Place)

Our Role

The project included one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders, followed by a collaborative Government and private stakeholder workshop to test some of the initial findings of the study, which all helped to form the recommendations. The study itself went into depth analysing the whole site in regard to topography, lot size, perimeter frontage, awnings, frontages, access, heights, and solar access. Each city block was further analysed within these conditions, identifying opportunities for building height and potential development in line with ‘place considerations’ to improve the adjacent public realm. One block was tested further, and proposed controls recommended in regard to building and street wall heights, setbacks and frontages.


The output was a well received, comprehensive report that articulated the full urban design study, outcomes of stakeholder engagement, along with the design and built form recommendations.

What We Delivered
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Urban Design framework report
  • Built form analysis and testing
  • Recommendations to existing codes / policy

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