Bayswater Station Precinct Character Study and Urban Design Guidelines

The Client
Development WA
Project Team
Andrew Howe
Director / Principal - Urban Design
Iwan Isnin
Consultant - Place
Marc Beattie
Associate - Heritage
Taylor Goddard
Consultant - Urban Design
The Project

The Bayswater Station Precinct forms part of the METRONET East Redevelopment Project which will see the revitalisation of Station Precincts at key locations along Perth’s eastern corridor, ensuring that train stations upgrades, and future development of the surrounding areas are successfully integrated.

Currently in its early construction phase, the new Bayswater Station is set to become the key METRONET precinct connecting the Midland line, Forrestfield-Airport Link and Morley-Ellenbrook lines, giving people the option to travel to the Airport, Swan Valley tourist region, the CBD and beyond. Imbedded with a vibrant and historic town centre, and home to a vocal and highly engaged community, the new Bayswater Station will be both a thoroughfare for commuters and a significant destination in its own right.

With a completed Bayswater Station on the horizon, unprecedented change, investment, and re-invention of the Bayswater Town Centre and surrounding areas is inevitable. Building on the work completed by element to date, including the Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan (January 2021), DevelopmentWA is currently in the process of developing a new planning framework and redevelopment scheme for the Bayswater Station Precinct which aims to unlock Bayswater’s potential and attract investment in new housing, jobs and services.

A major part of this new framework includes the development of new urban design guidelines and planning policies to help guide a future built form which responds to the communities needs, whilst optimising infill opportunities within its station context.

Our Role

To assist with the preparation of the METRONET East Redevelopment Scheme, we were appointed by DevelopmentWA to prepare an Urban Design and Heritage Character study of the Bayswater Station Precinct and assist in the preparation of urban design guidelines to inform future development with Precinct.

Specifically, the project involved:

  • Identifying the land to be included in the Bayswater Historic Town Centre sub-precinct;
  • Providing specific precinct objectives, design intent and acceptable development criteria to clearly set the parameters for adaptive reuse and redevelopment that was appropriate within a historical context and station precinct; and
  • Providing urban design services and illustrations for the new Design Guidelines for the Metro East Redevelopment Scheme, taking into account the precincts existing historical context and the emerging context defined by the new Bayswater Station.
  • The above were identified and demonstrated in a succinct, graphic focused report. The identified sub-precinct area and design guidelines were formally transferred into the METRONET East Redevelopment Scheme and Development Policies adopted in May 2021.
  • Our urban design services and illustrations formed part of the new Urban Design Guidelines for the METRONET East Redevelopment Scheme. The draft Design Guidelines will be open for public consultation in July 2021, where element has been appointed to manage, review, summarise and respond to all submissions received during the consultation period.
  • Following the review of public submissions, element will be assisting DevelopmentWA and providing graphic support with the final METRONET East Redevelopment Scheme.
What We Delivered
  • Heritage advice
  • Character and context urban design study
  • Precinct vision, objectives, and design intent
  • Urban Design explanatory guidelines and graphics
  • Response to public submissions

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