Avonlee Estate (Brabham)

The Client
Project Team
Murray Casselton
Director - Planning
Justin Page
Associate - Planning
Graeme Wallace
Consultant - Urban Design
The Project

Avonlee Estate is a greenfield residential subdivision project in Brabham managed by Terranovis. The estate comprises approximately 750 residential lots, a Resource Enhancement Wetland, commercial local centre (Brabham Village), public open space and single and grouped dwelling lots. The subdivision of Stage 12 included one childcare centre site and approximately 50 single dwelling residential lots and three grouped dwelling sites, each containing approximately 8 – 10 grouped dwelling lots.

Our Role

element prepared and progressed the necessary WA Planning Commission (WAPC) subdivision conditional approval for Stage 12. This included lots impacted by bushfire hazard vegetation on the western neighbouring land. Our role included negotiations with the local authority and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) officers to obtain a negotiated planning solution. The setting of residential densities for proposed lots also required the preparation and approval of an R-Code Plan, consistent with the approved structure plan. In consultation with the multi-disciplinary project team, our primary role was to lead the team towards obtaining a satisfactory WAPC conditional subdivision approval to meet our client’s expectations. To this end we were responsible for negotiating draft subdivision conditions, including complex bushfire planning matters.


We successfully obtained WAPC conditional subdivision approval for the proposed lots, including satisfactory bushfire planning conditions. Originally DPLH and local authority officers wanted to remove lots impacted by bushfire (BAL-40/BAL-FZ)from the subdivision approval, but we negotiated for the lots to remain in the approval with an acceptable subdivision condition. Our ability and expertise in preparing the subdivision application to the specifications of our client and navigating the subdivision conditional approval process pathway within a reasonable timeframe was key to delivering for our client a subdivision conditional approval. With the conditional approval the client was then able to market the lots and meet contractual obligations.

What We Delivered
  • Pre-lodgement draft subdivision plan for client/project team review.
  • Subdivision Report, Liveable Neighbourhoods Report and R-Code Plan.
  • Conforming subdivision application lodged with WAPC.
  • Post lodgement services
  • Review and negotiation of draft subdivision conditions.
  • WAPC conditional subdivision approval.

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