Athol and Stables Precinct Structure Plans, East End Port Hedland

The Client
Project Team
Matt Raymond
Director / Principal - Planning
Justin Page
Principal - Planning
Graeme Wallace
Consultant - Urban Design
The Project

With permanent residential being restricted in the West End of Port Hedland due to dust air quality issues, it became increasingly important to de-constrain land within the east end of Port Hedland to accommodate sustainable growth of the Town.

The Town’s Local Planning Strategy identified both the Athol and Stables Precincts as development investigation areas. In order to de-constrain these strategic sites, both structure plans were required to address a range of planning, environmental and heritage matters.

Following extensive community and stakeholder engagement, the Structure Plans were finalised, considered by Council and adopted by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Our Role

element led a team of technical consultants to deliver both the Athol and Stables Structure Plans and ultimately de-constrain land in the east end of Port Hedland. In support of the process, we also designed and delivered a stakeholder and community engagement strategy to ensure that development considerations were robustly understood and addressed within the structure plans.


Following a comprehensive engagement process, element led a team of consultants to prepare the Athol and Stables Precinct Structure Plans which addressed a range of matters, including but not limited to:

  • Coastal inundation and erosion;
  • Protection of significant cultural andAboriginal heritage sites;
  • Provision of a foreshore reserve to protect mangrove habitat;
  • Continued use of intertidal mudflats for recreation and wildlife habitat;
  • Light spill to turtle nesting spots; and
  • Appropriate mix of residential densities and public open space.

In addition to the above, element also prepared a local scheme amendment to rezone the Stables precinct to ‘Development’ in parallel with the consideration of the structure plan.

What We Delivered
  • Structure plan preparation and approval
  • Subdivision design
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, including:
    - Project factsheet
    - Webpage and social media announcements
    - One-on-one meetings
    - Interactive public information display and pop-up event
    - Public advertising period
  • Approvals process management
  • Local Scheme Amendment

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